Helping Your Child Learn at Home

NEW! Padlet

We are delighted to launch the new Sandfield Padlet which lists the school’s main digital resources and some recommended resources from the Inclusion/ Pastoral team. This is aimed at all our parents and carers and will be a live platform that staff will continue to update.  The link is:

We feel that it is important for you to work with your child daily, be it on reading, times tables, telling the time or learning the high frequency words. There is also a page on the Learning  Journal to communicate with the teacher about your child’s learning at home and this is also where any comments or messages can be passed on. 

For Topic Planners and the Week Ahead for each class, please see Your Child’s Class page.

Reading and Writing

There are guides to help you ask questions to develop your child’s comprehension and understanding of what they have read. The teacher will be able to guide you on specific targets your child needs to work on after they have had a guided reading session.  The Learning Journal is crucial to keeping a record of your child’s reading and helps inform school and home about your child’s progress.

Reading a book with your child and asking questions is of paramount importance, however we want all of our pupils to develop a life long love of reading.

Reading at Sandfield
Reading in the Sandfield Library

Reading for Pleasure:  To download this pdf, click on the download icon in the toolbar.reading-for-pleasure

Questions to Help Your Child’s Understanding (All Year Groups)qs-to-help-understanding-part-1

Questions to Check Your Child’s Understanding (Years 1-6)questions-to-check-your-child-s-understanding-year-1-6


Please see your child’s class for guides on the strategies and methods taught in Mathematics as well as fun activities to help your child learn how to tell the time.

Reception Class

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5 & Year 6

Methods to Help Telling the Time:  To download this pdf, click on the download icon in the toolbar.methods-to-help-telling-the-time