Home-School Partnership

At Sandfield we believe education is most effective when there is a positive partnership between home and school, parents, carers and teachers.  To this end we warmly welcome parents/carers in the school.  Parents, carers, grandparents, governors and friends assist in various ways including craft, reading, sport, handwriting and cookery.  The help of parents is vital to support events, trips and enrich learning. If you are able to support the school on a regular basis then please inform the school office so an appropriate location and induction programme can be organised.  Curriculum themes also provide regular opportunities for parents to come in and work alongside their children and see displays, presentations and assemblies. All parent volunteers are subject to child protection checks with the police and local authority.

We believe that pupils who are in a challenging and stimulating school curriculum learn a great deal throughout the day.  We believe the time at home is valuable for children to spend with family and relax; therefore homework is minimal.  In each class, every child is expected to read with an adult every evening. 

All children are expected to undertake daily reading/language activities at home, parents are expected to comment on progress towards reading targets in the learning diary.  Every class has a weekly list of words containing spelling rules that comes home for daily practise through games and activities. These spelling rules are assessed at the end of each week.  Each class has specific times tables to learn off by heart and these are tested throughout the year.  If parents/carers need any support or guidance with homework please talk to your child’s class teacher, or the Headteacher.

Parental Concerns

From time to time there may be issues concerning the school and your child which worry you. Please do not hesitate to mention your concerns to your child’s class teacher in the first instance or the Headteacher if your concern cannot be resolved with the teacher. Please click here for our Parental Concerns Policy

We encourage the home and school link in the following ways:

  • Home/School Agreement
  • Induction programme for all new entrants
  • Pre start school visits
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Weekly update to parents
  • Parental involvement with reading, mathematics and other tasks

     and homework at home

  • Parent/teacher consultation evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms
  • An annual report of progress sent to parents in July
  • Community/social events at the school
  • Attendance at whole school productions and assemblies
  • Attendance at music events
  • Attendance at sports fixtures
  • Helping in the classroom and on trips and visits
  • A chance to visit throughout the year
  • Parental support of school/class events
  • Parent Reps
  • Studybug and email communications
  • Website resources
  • Local community information resources
  • Workshops and Working Parties