School Ethos and Values

School Ethos

The ethos of the school and the heart of everything we value is that, Everyone is welcome, Everyone belongs and Everyone is important

School Vision and Values

“Challenge, Learn, Achieve”

Our school vision is Challenge ourselves, Learn together, Achieve success.

Sandfield School Vision and Aims

Our purpose is to provide an outstanding education that enables every child to reach their full potential, whatever their starting point and to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the next stage of their education, and throughout their lives.

  1. Excellent quality teaching that aims to provide exceptional educational experiences across a broad curriculum, raising attainment in a way which is Relevant, Interesting, Novel and makes them Giggle (RING).
  2. We aim to help our pupils develop resilience, reflectiveness and creativity and to embrace the new technologies to take advantage of the opportunities of the 21st Century.
  3. Sandfield benefits from a uniquely diverse context .  We aim to continue to develop this fantastic culture at our school which is evidenced  by its inclusive nature and the impeccable behaviour of our pupils.
  4. We aim to offer our staff a supportive, empowering and rewarding environment in which to work.  We will provide great opportunities for rapid development , promoting effective leadership at all levels.
  5. We aim to develop ever stronger relationships with parents, our amazing PTA , volunteers and neighbours which enhance the education of our pupils and place us at the heart of a vibrant community.
  6. We aim to use of our membership of the Guildford Education Partnership to enrich the educational experiences of our pupils, provide opportunities for our staff, support others and achieve the most we can.

Our vision and values will be the foundation for the future of the school and allow us to ensure the pupils get the enriched and challenging experience they all deserve.  As a whole school community, we will be promoting, developing, educating and reflecting on our vision and values on ​ a regular basis to make sure we are successful.

Our 3 School Rules are Ready, Respectful, Safe

Class at Sandfield Primary School
Crafts class at Sandfield Primary School
Craft class at Sandfield

Diversity and Inclusion

Provision for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND):

In our school we support physical, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties.  Working with the health and social services we support children and their families.  We identify areas of difficulty for some of our pupils that can be described as significant in comparison with other pupils.  The teacher or teaching assistant will carry out the differentiated support as identified in the Pupil Passport that is drawn up in consultation with the school Special Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCo).  Each child is carefully assessed on entering the school and we regularly monitor and review progress to ensure appropriate access to the National Curriculum.

Provision for More Able Children:

As the curriculum is differentiated for pupils with special needs this may also mean the creation of more challenging activities for pupils with a gift or talent.  Many children within the school are very able and each teacher is responsible for monitoring their progress.  Whilst they follow the same basic curriculum, extension work is provided within the classrooms.

EAL – English as an Additional Language:

Sandfield is a multi-cultural school with nearly 30 languages currently spoken.  This provides a huge wealth of cultural experiences and a challenge to make the curriculum relevant to all.  The class teacher monitors the children’s progress with the curriculum and learning to assess if there are any difficulties.  If it is appropriate the child will receive an additional support programme, which takes place during lessons and in the child’s class.  Our website is also available in many languages at the click of a button.

Children dressing to celebrate a Jewish festival
Children of all different race