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History Curriculum

History at Sandfield is an exciting, hands-on subject. Our children are taught about people who have lived in the past and how their activities have influenced the lives, customs and beliefs of people in the world today.  They are encouraged to develop their knowledge and understanding of British History and that of the wider world. Every opportunity to develop cross curricular links through Art, DT, English and Geography is taken. As our school is in the centre of Guildford we are able to take the children out easily into the wider environment to extend their understanding of imaginative enquiry.

The areas of study for each year group are below with details of visits that have taken place over the year:

Class Areas of Study
Reception Our Families
Year 1 Changing Toys (Guildford Museum)  /  Intrepid Explorers
Year 2 Great Fire of London  /  Guildford Hospitals (Abott Hospital, Guildford Spike)
Year 3 Romans (Fishbourne Roman Villa)
Year 4 Anglo Saxons (Butser Farm Museum)  /  Ancient Civilisations (British Museum)
Year 5 Stone Age
Year 6 The Mayans (British Museum)  /  World War II (Imperial War Museum)
Saxon Letters
Great Fire of London burning models