Year 3 & Year 4 Trip to Butser Ancient Farm Monday 15th November 2021

After almost two years, we are able to go on school visits again and we had such a great return to normal. Our trip to Butser Ancient Farm was linked with the Stone Age topic and it was A-MA-ZING!
The children were super polite and kind on the coach to our drivers. We arrived in good time and were met by Carol and Jill, our guides and history experts. First we experienced how dark and smoky Bronze Age houses were, but at least they were warm and safe. Next, we had our workshops making chalk carvings and spinning our own friendship bracelets from sheep’s wool.  It was very tricky to use the drop spindle and the wool was greasy from the lanolin, but we persevered and showed resilience and were very pleased with the end results.

Digging to find Stone, Bronze and Iron Ager artefacts was brilliant and the children were intrigued to find strange metal objects and bits of pottery which could have been Roman!

Jill and Carol were so impressed with the Sandfield behaviour and the children’s engagement and knowledge of historical facts and information. We were very proud of them all.  A fantastic day and it was so important for the children to experience learning out of the classroom.

Well done, Year 3 and 4!