Cross Country Competition at St. Josephs School 23.09.2021 Year 5 & Year 6

Our cross country runners were competing yesterday in an interschool competition at St. Josephs. A big shout out to our amazing team; who showed great resilience and determination to finish the 2km tough course.

Poppy and Kimberley reported that, “it was extremely hard and there was a very steep hill. You had to pace yourself otherwise you would run out of energy! There were up to 70 children in each race.”

Well done to Poppy who came in 19th, Kimberley 33rd, George-Marie 46th, Matthias 27th, Ben 55th, Yasser 49th, Theo 45th and Ethan 46th. Well done to Reuben too – for giving it a great go!

Mrs Holloway, Sports Lead