Assessments at Sandfield


Statutory assessment at primary school is about measuring school performance, holding schools to account for the work they do with their pupils and identifying where pupils require more support, so that this can be provided.  Please click here for further information on Statutory Assessment in Primary Schools.

Assessment in Early Years

Assessment in KS1

Assessment in KS2

Multiplication Tables Check in Year 4

Children in English schools take SATs twice during their school career.  The first time is in Key Stage 1, when they will have tests in Year 2, at the end of infants (aged 7). They are tested in maths and English (reading and spelling, punctuation and grammar). Teachers generally try to keep the testing procedure informal – the papers are not strictly timed, and are usually taken in a normal classroom situation to keep the pressure off children. On 14 September 2017 it was confirmed that the KS1 SATs will be made non-statutory (so schools will be able to choose whether to adminster them or not) from 2023. Until then children will continue to be assessed in May during Year 2.

KS1 SATs Presentation April 2022

The next time your child will take SATs will be in Key Stage 2 in Year 6, aged 11. More formal than Key Stage 1, these written tests (in English, maths and sometimes science) are 45 minutes long and can be quite daunting for this age group. The papers are sent away for marking and the results are known before children leave primary school in July.

The Class Teacher is responsible for the daily educational and pastoral care of the pupils in their care.  Teachers work as a team, planning their class work within the guidelines of the school and with help from colleagues based at Sandfield and throughout the GEP responsible for specialist subjects.

The progress of each pupil is carefully monitored and recorded throughout the school.  This enables us to identify any difficulties and adapt the learning to suit the individual needs.  There are also Parents Evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms where you can discuss your child’s progress in detail.


There are Parents Evenings in the Autumn and Spring terms where you can discuss your child’s progress.  In July, an End of Year Report is written by the class teacher and contributed to by any other staff that may have taught your child that year.  These are very much appreciated by parents and show you how your child has performed in every subject.

Throughout the year, you may wish to discuss specific matters with the teacher, this is usually done after school.  Please contact your child’s class teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time.