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Geography Curriculum

Geography is the study of the Earth’s landscapes and the relationship between people, places and environments. It is quite simply a study of the world in which we live.  During geography lessons we aim to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will continue with them throughout their lives.

Lessons equip pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people and resources. Topics allow pupils to understand the interaction between physical and human processes.  A  variety of units have been chosen to link to the new geography curriculum through enquiry based learning, addressing some of the issues facing us today.

Topics include:

  • What’s the geography of where I live?
  • How does weather affect our lives?
  • Why are jungles so wet and deserts so dry?
  • How can we live more sustainably?
  • Why is fair trade fair?
  • How is climate change affecting the world?

Geographical skills are taught across both Key Stages, including map skills, fieldwork and interpreting a range of sources of geographical information.