2nd November 2022
Dear Parents,

Sandfield String Scheme

Christmas is approaching fast, and that means all sorts of exciting things like Christmas Fairs, Christmas Shopping Days and Nativity Plays. But you know that in your house there is at least one person who also plays a string instrument, and so you have the additional joy of being invited to a concert. Some of you may be thinking that the individual playing of the violin or ‘cello in your own home is a less than inviting sound. I hope not all of you think this. Some of you may also be thinking that you have never heard your son/daughter play at home and therefore it is impossible that they could be ready for a concert. This actually might be true (please encourage them to practise…). But now is the time to seize the day.
Christmas Concert Day – Friday 2 December
The Year Four String Scheme concert will begin at 2.00pm and will be over by 2.55pm at Sandfield.
Parents are welcome to attend. Please bring grandparents, siblings not yet at school and anyone else you might feel would enjoy themselves. There are no tickets, but it is really helpful for our planning if you could fill in electronic form: Christmas Concert Attendance Form if you plan to be there.

Meanwhile, thanks for all your encouragement and hard work.

Many thanks,
Dale Chambers
Head of Strings at RGS

Everyone is welcome, everyone belongs and everyone is important.

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