Home-School Link Worker

As part of our provision at Sandfield we have a Home School Link Worker (HSLW) for three days a week.

Home School Link Workers can provide advice and information to parents and carers as well as supporting children and young people in dealing with temporary or longer term problems – such as children who are anxious or withdrawn, behaviour, bereavement, parental separation, illness and domestic abuse. They work closely with both schools and families and are able to link with a wide range of other agencies and sources of support and advice.

In other areas where HSLWs have been working with individual schools, evidence shows that there has been improved attendance, behaviour and resolution of issues at an early stage – all proving to be of great benefit to the children and their families.

The HSLW for Sandfield is Mrs Lucy Lidstrom, if you would like to find out more about her role or would like to contact her please ask the School Office on 01483 566586 or email her directly at hslw@sandfield.surrey.sch.uk

Quotes from some of the children at Sandfield that meet with our Home School Link Worker

“She has helped me to think about my friendships and has helped me to stop having as many arguments”

“I now try to think about the other person’s point of view and this helps me to solve the problem”

“I can be honest about how I feel and this really helps me”

“I can trust her not to make a big thing about things and we talk through the things I find difficult”

“I feel less anxious now because I can use the strategies she has shown me which really help me control my thoughts”

Lucy Lidstrom Link Worker

Mrs Lucy Lidstrom

If you would like an appointment to meet with Lucy, please contact the School Office on 01483 566586