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British Values Curriculum

At Sandfield Primary School, we uphold British values. These values are embedded in our Curriculum and they are the foundations of our day to day learning. We value the backgrounds of all our pupils and families and we use a wide range of learning activities to celebrate these. This enriching approach, teaches tolerance and respect ensuring that young people understand the importance of respect and leave their education fully prepared for life in modern Britain.

Pupils at Sandfield enjoy learning through a wide range of curriculum topics which include the context of Britain in the wider world. In the RE curriculum, all pupils learn about key faiths and through this learning, they are taught to show respect for different faiths. Through History, pupils are taught about significant periods in British History and are encouraged to identify these in chronological order. In English and PSCHE, every opportunity is taken to develop understanding and knowledge of British values. These include how rules and laws are made, the difference between Criminal and Civil law and the role of the Police, including the purpose of punishment and how to bring about change.

We have an elected Junior Leadership Team and the children understand the concept of Democracy. Through the JLT, the children learn about courtesy, consideration and respect for all others.

We are proud to not only teach tolerance, respect and equality, but we show these values in everything we do. 

British Values at Sandfield Primary School
British Values in the Curriculum