Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

French is taught to all KS2 classes by the class teacher using the Rising stars Euro Stars scheme. The use of this scheme ensures continuity and progression as the children move up through the school as well as providing authentic visual and oral resources. They also have other opportunities through the week to practise what they have learned such as answering the register in French and responding to the day’s date in French.

Pupils use role play, drama, language games and music to further their use of the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The emphasis in lessons is on fun learning and the ability for children to express themselves is very important.  Wherever possible, the content of lessons is cross-curricular and there is a large focus on phonics, grammar and how the acquisition of a modern language can help further the understanding of our own language.

The topics covered are:

Class Autum Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 3 Moi  / Jeux et chansons On fait la fete  /  Portraits Les quatre amis  /  Ca pousse!
Year 4 On fait la fete  /  Ca Pousse! Les quatre amis  /  Portraits On y va!  /  L’argent de Poche
Year 5 Portraits  /  Les quatre amis Ca pousse!  / On y va! L’argent de Poche  /  Raconte-Moi une Histoire!
Year 6 Jeux et chansons  /  On fait la fete Portraits  /  Les quatre amis Ca pousse!  /  On y va!

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