Sandfield’s Maths Curriculum aims to develop in each child:

  • a broad understanding of mathematical concepts, alongside specific mathematical skills and knowledge as outlined in the National Curriculum for Mathematics 2014.
  • an ability to calculate mentally with confidence.
  • an ability to explain their mathematical thinking.
  • an ability to investigate and solve mathematical problems with increasing confidence.
  • a confidence to use and apply their mathematical skills to solving problems from everyday life.
  • an enjoyment of mathematics through stimulating and challenging work, enabling them to reach their full potential in the subject.
  • a variety of approaches are used to teach Maths including practical activities, different methods of calculation, mental and problem solving strategies.


The 2014 National Curriculum for Mathematics is implemented throughout the school in daily maths lessons. Teaching is differentiated in every class to meet the range of abilities present.

The curriculum aims to ensure that children can have quick recall of facts (fluency), can reason mathematically and solve problems. The curriculum is organised in a progressive sequence – areas include: number and place value, calculation, geometry (shape), measures, fractions and decimals, and statistics (graphs).

Methods to be used are demonstrated in the Progression of Calculations link below:

Helping Your Child to Learn Mathematics at Home

Progression in Calculation in Mathematics – Support for Parents

Maths at Sandfield
Maths Lesson at Sandfield