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Religious Education (RE) is taught using the Surrey Agreed Syllabus (2012-17) with topics covering the range of main religions. Teaching emphasises learning about religions as well as learning from religions.

The children are given many opportunities to discuss big ideas and talk about their own experiences. We are very fortunate at Sandfield to have children from a wide range of cultures and this is valued and respected as we celebrate the similarities and differences. Lessons are interesting, lively and varied to engage all children and include drama, dance, art and design, cookery and poetry as means of expressing religious knowledge and personal impression.

The topics covered by each year group is as follows:

Class Autum Term Spring Term Summer Term
Reception What makes us special? Harvest Remembrance. Why do we have celebrations? Christmas. What makes something special? Why are stories special? Easter. Why should we care for the world? What makes a place special?
Year 1 What makes a church different to other buildings? Why is Harvest important? Remembrance. Why do Jewish families celebrate Hanukkah? Why is Christmas important to Christians? What is the Torah and why is it important for Jews? Who were Jesus’ friends? Why did Jesus tell parables? Why is Easter important to Christians? Why do Jewish families celebrate Shabbat? What are symbols and why do religions use them? Why is the Bible a special book for Christians?
Year 2 What happens in a church? Why is Harvest a world-wide celebration? Remembrance. How do Muslims pray? What signs are there in the Christmas story? In what way is the Mosque special for Muslims? How can we make the world a better place? What is prayer? What do eggs have to do with Easter? Who is Allah? How do Christians follow Jesus? Why is Qur’an special for Muslims?
Who is Muhammad? What does it mean to belong?
Year 3 How did Jesus change lives? Harvest: Does everyone have enough? Remembrance. What do your clothes say about you? Why are presents given at Christmas? How is the Christian faith expressed through worship? What is Maundy Thursday all about? What happened during Jesus’ last week on earth? Who are the Jews? How did it all begin?
Year 4 What does it mean to be a Hindu? Harvest Remembrance. How have Christians changed the world? How can artists help us understand about Christmas? Why is prayer important for Christians? Who is Jesus? How do Christians prepare for Easter? What do Muslims believe? What do Christians believe God is like?
Year 5 Why do Christians make promises in marriage? Harvest
Remembrance. What does it mean to be a Sikh? Why is light an important sign at Christmas?
The Bible: What’s it all about? What is wisdom? How do we know what happened at Easter? What does it mean to be a Jew? Who is the Holy Spirit?
Year 6 How do Christians celebrate milestones in life? (birth and belonging). Harvest Remembrance. What can we learn about the Christian faith from the Chronicles of Narnia? What can we find out about the birth of Jesus? Who brought Christianity to Britain? What is the Buddhist way of life? Did Jesus have to die? What is ‘Church’? What are the Pillars of Islam?

The children also visit local places of worship and take part in workshops at Guildford Cathedral and Holy Trinity church.

We would wish to remind parents of their right to withdraw their children from all or part of the religious education and collective worship provided. If you would like to discuss this, please make an appointment with the headteacher.

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